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Our Approach

Food is not neutral: it has the power to heal or to harm; to send messages of lethargy or energy; weight gain or weight loss; moodiness and cravings, or mental clarity. Our Lifewatchers program shows you how to experience the freedom, pleasure, delight, and energy of the right food, put together in the right way.

Meet Our Teachers

Our approachable instructors bring not only years of experience, but a passion for healthy eating and living. They include holistic nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, and passionate health experts who will work with you each week, and help you achieve your health goals. Healing is attainable, and they will show you how!

Our Food

In our Lifewatchers program, we provide you with delicious recipes and simple menu plans that not only satisfy your appetite, but also nourish your body and mind. Stop dieting. Do away with guilt and enjoy food more, all the while healing your body from the inside out!

Join us for 10 weeks and create your own success story

What if you could eat the most delicious food ever, enjoying the richness of flavours and textures that bring bounty to your table and pleasure to your palate? What if you could fall in love with food in a whole new way, could stop dieting, could do away with guilt and eliminate cravings, could celebrate the freedom of it all, while at the same time healing your body? What if you could understand, perhaps for the first time, how and why all this goodness is actually good for you?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be pleasantly surprised – even amazed – at the changes that happen to you? Pain diminishes; energy increases; you feel lighter, happier; sleep becomes deeper and more refreshing; your skin, hair, and nails improve; your waist shrinks; and even your doctor is surprised by the positive changes in your bloodwork.

This is the Lifewatcher experience. Make it your experience. Join us for ten weeks. You will never look back! (or: You can always go back to the way you ate before – but you won’t want to!)

~ Janet Jacks, Founder of Goodness Me! & Lifewatchers